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Below you will find example videos from similar projects and an estimate calculator.

Please click on any of the images below to watch the corresponding video and move the sliders or make adjustments in the calculator to see how the estimate amount is affected.

If you have any questions please use the comment form below the calculator or email me directly. 

Video examples:

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

A conversational video hosted by Shenda Tanchak(registrar) with two council members discussing consent in relation to the new Physiotherapists Working with Physiotherapist Assistant Standard.

This was an hour long conversation edited down to 8 minutes focusing on key messages.

College of Early Childhood Educators

A conversational video hosted by Nerene Virgin(public council member) with Darlene Edgar(college president) discussing the past year, milestones achieved and what the future holds for the College.

This was based on the president's report from the annual meeting of members.

Breakout Clips

This is one of the breakout clips we created for the IPAC Webinar hosted by Giulia Galloro. The call to action is to view the full webinar on the College's website.

Video Estimate Calculator

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