Work Examples

The following is a selection of video projects completed for non-profit organizations.

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Video examples:

Ontario College of Social Workers

Ethical and Competent Responses to Anti-Indigenous Racism

Video Series - Part 1 of 7

A conversation with McPherson in a spoken-word format inspired by the rich storytelling traditions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples living in Canada.

Practice resource on ethical and competent responses to anti-Indigenous racism. 

College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario

Public Education Series - Part 1

“Fireside Chat” with Registrar and Practice Advisor giving information to the public on infection control.

College of Early Childhood Educators

A conversational video hosted by Nerene Virgin(public council member) with Darlene Edgar(college president) discussing the past year, milestones achieved and what the future holds for the College.

This was based on the president's report from the annual meeting of members.

McMaster University Health Forum

After each stakeholder dialogue meeting we pull attendees aside to ask them a few questions.

UofT Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Interviews with students combined with b-roll & stock footage to create a brand video for UofT Dalla Lana.

Ontario College of Pharmacists

A visual guide to inform the public how to navigate and use the College's public register - Find a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Professional tool.

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

A conversational video hosted by Shenda Tanchak  with two council members discussing consent in relation to the new Physiotherapists Working with Physiotherapist Assistant Standard.

This was an hour long conversation edited down to 8 minutes focusing on key messages.

College of Early Childhood Educators

Continuous Professional Learning Portfolio Cycle

Learn about the Continuous Professional Learning Portfolio Cycle.

Ontario College of Teachers

Professional Advisory on Anti-Black Racism

The Ontario College of Teachers’ Professional Advisory on Anti-Black Racism.

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